Water Treatment Specialist

  • Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 16/10/2019
  • Panda Ee Trading
Type: Full-Time     Category: Technical
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Job Description

Broad Function Summary

Responsible for maintaining high water quality for boilers, cooling towers and chilled water systems.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To monitor daily for the open and closed recirculating water system
  • To monitor and analyze contractor’s weekly water analysis report
  • To check weekly the physical condition of the water system
  • To perform weekly water analysis on site.
  • To analyze and control the following parameters under the open recirculating system
    • pH
    • Electrical Conductivity
    • Total Alkalinity
    • Chloride
    • Calcium Hardness
    • Total Iron
    • Turbidity
    • Cycle of Concentration
    • Silica
  • To monitor the consistency of chemical dosing method
  • To analyze and control the following parameters under the closed recirculating system (chilled water).
    • pH
    • Total Dissolved Solid
    • FFA (unit of chemical used)
    • Total Iron
    • Turbidity
  • To check and monitor the equipment and machine status
    • Cleanliness of cooling towers and boilers
    • Pipeline condition
    • Observation of fan, motor and related equipment condition
  • To ensure the approach temperature for condenser and evaporator are maintained at <3.0°F

This position is open for Malaysian only. For those who interest, please email your resume and title to be indicated as " Application for ________ " 

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