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Earning money online in Malaysia

There are sites and advertisements that offer you the way to earn easy money online. But a lot of them are just trying to trick you into paying them money.

That being said, earning money online is something quite rewarding if you do it the proper way, using the proper knowledge.

There are some online money making opportunities that may not be easily applied to Malaysians. The list here provides only proven methods that can be easily and reliably carried out in Malaysia.

1. Blogging (earn from advertisement)

This is the easiest method and can be done for free. The most popular way is to apply for a Google Adsense account and put their advertisements on your blog or website.

You can set up your own website with your own domain name (you have to pay for domain name and web hosting), or you can create a blog with for free. Using is the quickest method, and you don't have to pay for domain name and web hosting.

The most important part that determines the success of a blog or website is the content. Before starting, spend some time to think about the topic of your blog and the type of contents you will write. Make sure you blog only about the subjects you are familiar with. It is also important that your contents are useful or interesting.

In the early days, forget about making money. Concentrate on writing good contents that are useful for readers. When you have over 10 good articles, you can try to apply for a Google Adsense account. Before you apply, make sure you have the basic pages like Privacy Policy, About and Contact Us pages.

This is just the very basics of blogging. You should search for more detailed information online. Use Google to search for topics like 'Adsense', 'how to create a good blog' and other similar topics.

2. Sell products online (E-commerce)

This is pretty straightforward -- sell products online. You can obtain your products from wholesalers or other sources you are familiar with. Below are a few ways to sell your products online.

a. Sell on your own free website (for example, Blogger)

This is simply like creating a personal blog. Instead of writing articles, you post the products you want to sell. A blog that sells products is also known as a blogshop. If you are serious about your venture, it's better to have your own domain name and website -- this gives you full control of the 'branding' and 'image' of your business.

b. Sell on established websites

You can sell your products without your own website, by using established platforms like or

Check their terms first, as there may be a yearly fee needed to open a store on their website.

c. Sell on your own website (E-commerce)

To really establish your business on the web, you will need to eventually have your own domain name and website. With your own domain and website, potential customers will have more confidence buying from you

The downside is you need to pay annual fee for your domain name and web hosting service. It will normally be about RM300 per year or less. You will also need to hire a web design company to design your website and this will also incur some initial cost for your online business.

The more established sellers will use BOTH this method and the method above (Ebay, Lelong etc).


Remember, even if you do not have a physical shop you still must register as a business with Companies Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) to avoid any issues with the authorities.

There is no secret to making money online. All information is available from the web if you search for it. If you want the information in a more organized way, there are books written by Malaysians that you can buy from stores, like Popular, Times and MPH book stores.

Also, keep your eyes open. Internet technology and trends move very fast -- new ways and opportunities for making money online may appear.