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Petaling Jaya, SGR, Malaysia


Food-Beverage Serving, Others


2000 - 2500 per month

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Part-time, Full-time



Job Description:

  • To be a good rule model as a leader such as attire must be always neat and tidy, punctuality to report work and so on. ( refer to the Appraisal)
  • to manage and be responsible for the daily operation of a kitchen;
  • to oversee the operation of a kitchen;
  • to check and ensure the freshness of food and ingredients;
  • to supervise and coordinate activities of cooks and other food preparation workers (including preparing the duty roaster for all the staff at kitchen and/or restaurant;
  • to ensure the item(s) ordered by the customer are served on schedule;
  • to ensure all issues raised in respect of the food and/or drinks served to the customers are rectified;
  • to minimize wastage;
  • to maintain high standard of cleanliness and hygiene;
  • to develop and standardize recipes;
  • to determine how to present the food and design food presentation aesthetics;
  • to plan and prepare menus (including special menu items during special occasion and festive seasons;
  • to design and propose menu prices;
  • to maintain the good condition of the kitchen equipment;
  • to ensure uniform serving sizes and quality of meals;
  • to inspect supplies, equipment, and work areas for cleanliness and functionality;
  • to recruit, train, and supervise cooks, staff and other food preparation workers. For avoidance of doubt all recruitments are subject to the Company’s approval;
  • to order, maintain and manage inventory of food and supplies (including equipment) needed to ensure efficient operations;
  • to control the monthly budget of a kitchen and to keep an accurate records of the inventory; and
  • to monitor sanitation practices and ensure that kitchen safety standards are followed.
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