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Weekend Shopper Survey - Female 25-50yo


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Kuala Lumpur, KUL, Malaysia



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WEEKEND SHOPPER SURVEY (for Malay & Chinese female age 25yo – 50yo) ~ RM200 (cash payment to you on the spot)
TO APPLY & FOR DETAILS, please click
We are looking for respondents to participate in our survey.
- Malay & Chinese female aged 25yo – 34yo (SINGLE or MARRIED WITHOUT KID) or age 30yo – 50yo (MARRIED WITH KIDs)
- Malay speaking for Malay
- Cantonese or Mandarin speaking for Chinese (MUST BE ABLE TO READ IN CHINESE)
- Working or Housewife
- Frequently shop at supermarket / hypermarket etc
- This is not a sale & marketing position and you are not required to sell or promote any products or services.    
- Short-listed candidates will receive confirmation via phone call and sms.     
- Your personal data will not be used for any other reasons apart for the survey.
Date / Time
: 22 June 2019, Saturday, 10am – 12pm, for single or married without kid Chinese female age 25yo – 34yo
: 22 June 2019, Saturday, 2pm – 4pm, for married with kid Chinese female age 30yo – 50yo
: 23 June 2019, Sunday, 10am – 12pm, for single or married without kid Malay female age 25yo – 34yo
: 23 June 2019, Sunday, 2pm – 4pm, for married with kid Malay female age 30yo – 50yo
Venue               : KL (can reach by bus / lrt, will SMS you full address should you short-listed)
Incentive           : 2 hours; RM200 (cash payment to you on the spot)
Interested, please provide the information for “Questions for selection criteria” as stated below to Cheong via email OR WHATSAPP to 012-9234620.
Questions for selection criteria:
1. Full name
3. Gender
(A) Male
(B) Female
4. Race
(A) Bumi
(B) Malay
(C) Chinese
(D) Indian
(E) Others
5(i). PHONE NUMBER TO CALL __________
5(ii). PHONE NUMBER TO WHATSAPP ____________
6. Occupation ___________________ (e.g.: Officer); Industry _________________ (e.g.: Banking)
7. Have you attended survey in the past 6 month?
(A) NO
8. Marital status?
(A) Married with kid(s)
(B) Married without kid
(C) Single
(D) Divorced / widowed
9. FOR MARRIED WITH KID, how old is your children? (LIST ALL) __________
10. My monthly household income / jumlah pendapatan rumahtangga sebulan / 家庭成员每月总收入 _______.
(A) RM15000 and above
(B) RM10000 – RM14999
(C) RM9000 – RM9999
(D) RM8000 – RM8999
(E) RM7000 – RM7999
(F) RM6000 – RM6999
(G) RM5000 – RM5999
(H) RM4000 – RM4999
(I) RM3500 – RM3999
(J) RM3000 – RM3499
(K) RM2500 – RM2999
(L) RM2000 – RM2499
(M) RM1501 – RM1999
(N) RM1500 and below
11. Education Level. _____________
12. Do grocery shopping?
(B) NO
13. Supermarket / hypermarket that you visit and shop most often? (ONLY ONE ANSWER) _______ (e.g.: Tesco / Aeon Big / Giant / Mydin / Aeon / Cold Storaga, etc)
14. How often you shop at the supermarket / hypermarket mentioned above?  _____________ (e.g.: 4 times a month, once a month, etc)
15. Use 5 words to describe yourself?
16. Area of staying? ___________ (e.g.: Ampang, Damansara, Puchong, PJ, etc)
17. FOR CHINESE, can you read in Chinese? (***NO TOKEN will be paid if you attend but can’t read Chinese word***)
(B) NO
Apply or contact for info: