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Part Time Data Entry And Assistant


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Petaling Jaya, SGR, Malaysia



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Part-time, Full-time



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Part time data entry and assistant to company secretarial, auditing, taxation and accounting team (no experience required, training will be provided) 
We are a PJ-based accounting firm. We are recruiting senior citizen/ retirees/ university and college students to be our long term data entry and assistants to our company secretarial, auditing, taxation and accounting team. 
For students, this is a great chance to be exposed to the real working environment of company secretarial, audit, tax and account. For senior citizen and retirees, this is a great chance to work few hours per day. 
No experience is required, training will be provided. If you are experienced, that is an added bonus. 
the pay:
First 100 hours: RM 5 per hour
101 to 200 hours:  RM5.5 per hour
201 to 300 hours: RM6 per hour
301 to 400 hours: RM6.5 per hour
401 hours to 500 hours: RM7 per hour
501 hours to 600 hours: RM7.5 per hour
601 hours to 700 hours: RM8 per hour, and full time permanent job offer (to take it or not is up to you)
The working hours are Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs,Fri, 9 am to 6 pm, which day are you able to come to our office to work? 
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