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In essence, the Esri Malaysia brand makes a promise. This promise sets the benchmark for every aspect of Esri Malaysia’s offer – people, product and service. It paints a picture of the Esri Malaysia experience, and in doing so, establishes a level of expectation in the minds of stakeholders.
When stakeholder interactions with Esri Malaysia live up to or exceed this promise, the brand is reinforced. When the experience falls short, the brand is undermined. This interface with the company is called a ‘moment of truth’ because it reveals the brand’s level of authenticity.

Moments of truth highlight the importance of positioning. Positioning is about consciously managing stakeholder perceptions by proactively communicating and ‘living’ the brand. Through word and deed, every representative of Esri Malaysia has a role to play in the positioning process.
Positioning requires action, and importantly, repetition and consistency. This document captures the approved manner in which various components of Esri Malaysia’s offer are to be conveyed, enabling all members of the team to confidently position the brand.
Everyone at Esri Malaysia is encouraged to embrace their role as brand ambassadors. By referring to and using the contents of this document, everyone associated with Esri Malaysia can help build the brand, strengthen the company’s market-leading reputation and over time, contribute to the fulfilment of business objectives.
Core Values

We value honesty in every interaction and at all times uphold the strongest professional and personal ethics. It’s this approach that ensures we enjoy the trust of our esteemed clients, partners and Esri colleagues, world-over.

Professional excellence
Professional excellence is an attribute we work hard to preserve by fostering an environment of continuous improvement. Every day, we seek to learn more of our clients’ needs, grow our technical knowledge, and set new standards for GIS deployments throughout the country. It’s our formula for delivering world-class solutions.

Our resourcefulness is driven by our passion to use geographic insight to create meaningful solutions to real-world problems. We think differently – because our aim is to make a difference.

As a team, we come together through a shared respect for our clients and each other. By understanding the challenges they face – and truly empathising with their needs – we are able to craft insightful solutions with far-reaching benefits.
Vision statement
To have our world-class GIS solutions inspire everyone to use geographic insight to make a difference.

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