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Kuala Lumpur, KUL, Malaysia


Food-Beverage Serving


RM9,000.00 per month

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The Senior Sales Manager leads the Business Development Team and the Events Planning Team to effectively achieve the strategic objectives of the company. This Senior Sales Manager is charged with developing annual sales plans to achieve the annual targets and provides effective leadership to his/her team members. His/Her responsibility will include developing initiatives to engage, motivate and develop the Distributor organization and Business Leaders to grow the business in a sustainable and reputable manner.
  • Grow Sales Sustainably
    • Develop and implement Annual Sales Plan and Budgets, to grow sales and the distributor population.
    • Develop and implement Shaklee Field Incentive Programs and Incentive Trips to increase Business Leader engagement and improve their business performance
    • Engage field leadership and communicate effectively through Field programs such as the SMS, QBM and FAC.
  • Grow the Distributor Organisation
  • Develop and implement initiatives to increase enrollment and retention of Distributors
  • Develop Sales Training Programs for Distributors to improve their understanding of the Compensation Plan, Field Incentive Programs, P&R, Network Management, Leadership, etc.
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Operations (MOS Team) to develop strategies to support the Distributor Organisation.
  • Build and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with Business Leaders.
  • Ensure regular field updates are reported to the Management, monthly
  • Identify, engage, monitor, support key leaders to develop their organisations through regular consultations and pre-planned support programs.
  • Collaborate with Leaders to develop Sales Training Programs, leveraging the collective knowledge of the field and empowering them with tools to train and lead their organization.
  • Set clear goals to respective teams, and support them in achieving their performance objectives.
  • Collaborate with HR to develop the necessary core competencies of each team member.
  • Conduct departmental Quarterly Business Review sessions to track the progress of Initiatives and the achievement of goals.
  • Provide coaching and counselling to team members to improve their performance and fit into the Sales Team.
  • Grow the Field Leadership Pipeline
  • Lead and Develop Effective Sales Teams
  • Team Leadership of:
o    Business Development Managers
§  Ensure BDMs identifies and report on business opportunities in their respective markets
§  Assess and analyze business needs with recommendations on training plans and programs to enhance knowledge and skills of the field.
§  Team Engagement - Effectively facilitating joint initiatives with cross-functional teams (Marketing and Operations) and strategically engaging cross functional resources to achieve company’s goals.
  • Events Planning Team
§  Plan, direct, and monitor the sales activities/events/incentive trips to achieve effectiveness.
§  Lead and schedule weekly and/or monthly meetings with events team.
§  Conduct event and incentive trips proposal assessments and select proposals
§  Plan, coordinate and implement sales events by subdivide a large events/project scope into manageable project phases or subprojects, mainly for annual recognition events and incentives trips locally and/or internationally.

§  Manage expenses within budget guidelines.
Qualifications:  <What qualifications or education level does the employee need?> 
·       Degree or Diploma or Certificate in Sales /Marketing /Business Admin or relevant experience
·       Sales Force Management Training will be advantageous
Experience: <What type and how much experience is needed?>
·       5  years above experience in Sales and Key Account Management
·       3 years planning and implementing events and incentive trips
·       Experience in public speaking, training and conducting meetings with over 100 attendees
·       At least 3 years as a functional leader and line manager.
Skills: <List skills needed for the job, including any technical or interpersonal skills>
·        Intermediate to advanced Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)
·        Excellent verbal and written communication
·        Strong people skills
·        Strong business acumen and street smarts
·        Organized and able to meet deadlines
·        Strong intrapersonal skills.
·        Hardworking, persistent, and dependable.
·        Positive and enthusiastic
·        Strong negotiator, and good counsellor
·        Ability to motivate, coach and train individuals
·        A proactive leader
·        Self-motivated and organized

§  Overseeing and managing a team of Sales Managers, typically spanning a wide geographical area
§  Forming working relationships with the Business Leaders at all levels. 
§  Identifying key Masters and above and provide personalised support to them and their organisation to develop their business to the next level.
§  Accurately forecasting future sales and forming sales plans to adapt to constant shifts in the market
§  Maximizing company profit through tight cost management and focus on ROI on initiatives
§  Foreseeing market trends and ensuring business opportunity continues to be relevant to the key target groups of our business.
§  Forming sales strategies to keep your company competitive and innovative
§  Review the annual KPIs (targets) and action plans for Business Development Managers ensure high commitment level to achieve results.
§  Ensure field’s business practices are in accordance with the guidelines of company’s P&R at all time.
§  Provide monthly reporting on field activities and events.

§  Support special projects, as needed.

Relevant annual financial data, i.e. assets managed, budget, sales dollars, salary cost and total personnel supervised by category)
  • Approximate Annual Net Sales Budget:
    • Sales Support and Activities =
    • Incentive Trips =                                                                                   
  • Staff Force:
  • 4 Business Development Manager
  • 1 Event Planning Specialist
  • 1 Multi-media and AV Specialist
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