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Hello there! We are currently on the lookout for Singaporean to invite them with a super exciting study ahead. We would love to invite you to participate in an ONLINE COMMUNITY BOARD SURVEY over 2 DAYS from 9th Nov (Wed) to 10th Nov (Thu).

You will be properly guided on what to do once you are confirmed to participate in this study.

This study requires you to log in to the online portal and to respond to materials that will be posted to the community day-to-day. EACH OF PARTICIPANTS NEEDS TO POST, DISCUSS, AND/OR RESPOND TO QUESTIONS ONLINE FOR AT LEAST 20-25 MINUTES PER DAY. We are looking for those who will REMAIN COMMITTED for 2 days throughout these entire study.

The participant will receive a token of $120.00 at the end of the study.

Qualified candidates who meet our selection criteria will receive notifications from us (through the phone and SMS confirmation) to confirm a place in the study.
Race: Malay OR Chinese Singaporean
Gender:Males & Female
Age:25-50 Years Old
Marital Status:Single, Married Or Living with partner
1. Frequent or Non Frequent Travellers (Non-frequent travellers have to travel more than once a year).
2. All to have booked on-line travel (hotel and/or flight) in last 12 months
3. Have booked on-line curated hotel services, including exclusive services provided by hotel booking websites and by airlines. This includes packages involving booking flights + accommodations on one website.
4. Mix of people accessing internet via different devices.

Additional info:
1. All to be confident and articulate
2.  All must have easy access at home to a Computer / Laptop, Broadband Internet and Email Address – all to feel very confident in using these.

2 days Online Community Board:
9th Nov (Wed) to 10th Nov (Thu) for over 45 minutes.

If YOU or your FRIENDS are interested to participate in this study, kindly provide us your details per below & email us at
IC Number:
Mobile No:
Email address:
House Address:
Highest Education Level:
Occupation/Employment Status:
Company Name/Industry:
Monthly Personal Income:
Monthly Household Income:
Number of people in Household:
What type of HOME are you living in (Condo/Apartment/Bungalow etc.):
Marital Status:
How many children do you have? Please state their age & gender:
Are you currently a user of on-line travel websites/apps?:
What are the on-line travel websites/apps that you signed up with & used in the last 12 months?:
What are the on-line travel websites/apps that you use the most often?:
Have you signed up for exclusive membership at any online booking websites? If so, which?
Have you ever booked on-line curated hotel services in the last 12 months?
If yes, please specify the services that the hotel offered to you:
Which on-line travel websites/apps have you used for curated hotel services in the last 12 months?:
Have you ever booked flights together with hotel as a package on booking websites (airlines or otherwise) in the last 12 months?
In the last 12 months, how often have you purchased a flight and/or accommodation online, regardless for leisure or business purposes?:
Do you have stable internet connection at home/office?:
Which of the following do you have access to and can use easily at home/office?: