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Hi All! We have a study that is all about Physical & Mental Health, Well-Being and overall Satisfaction with Life. The objective of this study is to gain input as to how you maintain a ‘balance’ when it comes to Health and Wellness despite the hectic city lifestyle and what are some of your views or solutions on this matter.    
This study will be divided into 3 Phases and you will be required to participate in all 3 Phases. Details are as below:  
Phase 1     –    An Interview in your Home for 1 ½ Hours.
Phase 2     –    1 Week Diary (7 Days including Weekends) that you will have to fill up after
the Home Visit.
Phase 3     –    Online Interview that will last for 30-45 minutes to wrap up the Study.

A token of RM300 will be given at the End of Phase 3 as a sign of appreciation for taking your time to contribute to our study.
Note: Qualified candidates who meet our selection criteria will receive notifications from us (over the phone and by SMS confirmation) to confirm a place in the study.
- Malay & Chinese
- Male & Female
- Age 25 to 60 years old
- Fully Or Part Time Employed
- Single, Married without Kids Or Married with Kids
- Conscious of Physical & Mental Health and overall Well-Being.
- Prioritizes Health & Well-Being.   
- Comfortable being in a one-on-one interview.
- Articulate and Expressive.
- Able to Express Their Thoughts and Feelings Well.
- Local Language
Schedule for Home Visits:
Session 1 & 2
24th August 2016 (Wednesday)
12:30pm – 2:00pm
Chinese/Malay - Male or Female
Local Language
Session 3 & 4
24th August 2016 (Wednesday)
4:00pm – 5:30pm
Chinese/Malay - Male or Female
Local Language

Session 5
24th August 2016 (Wednesday)
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Chinese/Malay - Male or Female
Local Language
Session 6 & 7
25th August 2016 (Thursday)
9:30am – 11:00am
Chinese/Malay - Male or Female
Local Language

Session 8 & 9
25th August 2016 (Thursday)
12:30pm – 2:00pm
Chinese/Malay - Male or Female
Local Language
Session 10
25th August 2016 (Thursday)
4:00pm – 5:30pm
Chinese/Malay - Male or Female
Local language
Session 11
26th August 2016 (Friday)
11:30am – 1:00pm
Chinese, Male/Female
Mandarin speaking
Session 12
26th August 2016 (Friday)
2:00pm – 3:30pm
Chinese, Male/Female
Mandarin speaking
If YOU or your FRIENDS are interested to participate in this study, kindly provide us your details below & email us at
IC Number:
Mobile No:
Email address:
House Address:
Highest Education Level:
Preferred language (English/Malay/Mandarin):
Occupation/Employment Status:
Company Name/Industry:
Monthly Personal Income:
Monthly Household Income:
What type of HOME are you living in (Condo/Apartment/Bungalow etc.):
Marital Status:
How many children do you have (Kindly specify their age & gender):
[For Women] Are you currently Pregnant (Yes/No)?:
[For Women] Did you give birth in the Past 3 Months (Yes/No)?:
Who is MAINLY responsible for the Household Grocery Shopping?:
Where do you Regularly Shop at least once a week (Supermarket, Hypermarkets, Drug Store, Convenience Store, Etc)?:
Are you Health Conscious (Yes/No)?:
In what ways are you Health Conscious (Tries to Exercise, Consume Less Sweet & Salty food, etc)?:
[Questions on Lifestyle]
What kinds of MINOR Conditions do you experience on a Regular Basis (Stress, Lethargy, Anxiousness, Moodiness, Irritability, Etc)?:
Do you try to MANAGE the above Condition (Yes/No)?:
How do you MANAGE the above Condition that you have (Practice Sports, Relaxation Exercises, Listen to Calm Music, Etc)?:
Will you be willing to participate in all 3 Phases of the Study (Yes/No)?:
We look forward to hearing your positive reply! 
Many Thanks!