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Hello there! We are currently on the lookout for Malay & Chinese Married Couple (1st time Mothers & Soon-To-Be Mothers) for a super exciting study ahead. We would love to invite you to participate in an ONLINE COMMUNITY BOARD SURVEY over 10 DAYS from 8th Aug (Mon) to 17th Aug (Wed). You will be properly guided on what to do once you are confirmed to participate in this study.

This study requires you to log in to the online portal and to respond to materials that will be posted to the community day-to-day. EACH PAIR OF PARTICIPANTS NEEDS TO POST, DISCUSS, AND/OR RESPOND TO QUESTIONS ONLINE FOR AT LEAST 30 MINUTES PER DAY. We are looking for those who will REMAIN COMMITTED for 10 days throughout these entire study.

The couple will receive a token of RM300 at the end of the study.

Qualified candidates who meet our selection criteria will receive notifications from us (through the phone and SMS confirmation) to confirm a place in the study.

Race: Malay OR Chinese
Gender:  Female Only (accompanied by her husband)
Age: Wife up to 30 years old
Husband up to 32 years old

Pregnant Ladies
a.       More than 6 months pregnant
b.      First pregnancy
c.       No Kids
d.      Intends to formula feed baby in the future
Breastfeeding Moms
a.       Currently breastfeeding their child for at least 3 months
b.      Intends to switch to formula feeding in the next 2 months
c.       Has kids aged 0-12months old
d.      First time mother (only 1 child)
First Time Mothers
a.       First time mothers (only 1 child)
b.      Has kids aged 6-36months old
c.      Child currently consumes Infant Formula/Growing Up Milk Powder
Additional info:
- KEY DECISION maker for choosing the type of Infant Formula/ Growing Up Milk
for your child.
- Able to Express Their Thoughts and Feelings Well.
- Only those who Understand/Speak/Read/Write in Malay, Mandarin or English fluently.
- Comfortable interacting with others in a community set up for this project.
- Able to articulate well, expressive and friendly.
10 days Online Community Board:
8th August 2016 (Monday)-17th August 2016 (Wednesday)

If YOU or your FRIENDS are interested to participate in this study, kindly provide us your details per below and email us at
IC Number:
Husband’s Name:
Husband’s IC Number:
Husband’s Age:
Mobile No:
Email address:
House Address:
Highest Education Level:
Preferred language (English/Malay/Mandarin):
Occupation/Employment Status:
Company Name/Industry:
Monthly Personal Income:
Monthly Household Income:
Number of people in Household:
What type of HOME are you living in (Condo/Apartment/Bungalow etc.):
Number of rooms you have in your home:
Marital Status:
How many children do you have, please specify their age & gender (i.e. 1 kid: 2yo, Boy):
Do you consume Dairy Products (Yes/No)?
Is your husband involved in Household Tasks (Yes/No)?
For Pregnant Ladies
-Which Trimester/Month of Pregnancy are you in?
-Do you intend to Formula Feed your child after Birth (Yes/No)?
-If yes, which Brand of Infant Milk Powder are you planning to purchase?
For Breast Feeding Moms
-How long has your child been Breast Fed?
-Do you intend to feed your child with Infant Formula/Growing Up Milk Powder in the next 2 months (Yes/No)?
-If yes, which Brand of Infant Milk Powder are you planning to switch to?
For Formula Feeding Moms
-Which BRAND and STAGE of Infant Milk Powder does your child currently consume?
-How long has your child been consuming this current brand?
-How many times a day does your child consume the Infant Formula/Growing Up Milk Powder?
We look forward to hearing your positive reply! 

Many thanks