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Johor Bahru, JHR, Malaysia



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Vekota Ventures Sdn. Bhd.
We are urgently looking for a:-
1)Marketing Executive
Job Responsibilities:
1) Responsible for sales & marketing aspects of business - identify & explore new market opportunities, including overseas market & develop marketing strategies. 负责销售和营销方面的业务 - 识别和开拓新的市场机会,包括海外市场和制定营销策略。
2) Candidate will be exposed to various aspects of projects management through deployment into various assignments. 申请人将通过部署到各种任务中来接触项目管理的各个方面。
3) Assist the management in planning & executing projects with allocated budget and resources within established timeline. 协助管理层在既定时间表内规划和执行分配预算和资源的项目。
4) Conduct market research to identify new leads & potential new customers. 进行市场调查以发现新的潜在客户和潜在的新客户。
5) Learn to establish and maintain close rapport with existing & new customers. 学习与现有客户和新客户建立并保持密切的关系。
6) Monitor competitors' activities in the marketplace & feedback to incorporate into the sales strategy business plan. 监控竞争对手在市场上的活动和反馈,将其纳入销售策略业务计划。
7) Responsible & facilitate all presentation & training program. 负责并推动所有演示和培训计划。
8)Responsible for presentation & training materials preparation. 负责演示和培训材料的准备。
9) Achieve or exceed monthly & yearly targets set by management & generate sales ideas. 达到或超过管理层设定的每月和每年的目标并产生销售想法。
10) Track the progress of weekly, monthly, quarterly & annually objectives. 跟踪每周,每月,每季度和每年目标的进度。
11) Other ad-hoc duties as assigned by Top Management as & when required. 由高级管理层根据需要分配的其他临时职责。
Job Requirements:
  • Diploma holders or its equivalent.
  • Preferably Junior Executive specialized in Marketing/ Business Development.
  • You have strong work ethic, and desire to achieve excellence.
  • Bilingual with excellent communication, interpersonal & presentation skills.
  • Candidates must possess qualities of versatility, resilience and willingness to learn.
  • Highly motivated with positive attitude.
  • Pro-active in problem-solving
  • Cohesive team spirit & able to multi-task.
  • Good time management.
  • Able to work beyond official work hours and on weekends/ public holidays when required.
  • Proficient in MS Excel, MS Word (Microsoft Office Application).
  • Candidate is required to travel to Singapore HQ Office at least 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Travelling to various countries for seminars, events and projects are required for this position.
  • Able to start work immediately.
Please include the following information in your resume:
1)Education Background
2)Work Experiences in point form
3)Current & Expected Salary in RM (Ringgit Malaysia)
4)Date of availability
For more details and information or to send in your resume, you can contact us and Whatsapp us at +65 69500896 or +65 98273486 or you can email us at evelyn(at)
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